Language Services

Modways Translations
                  Translations - We provide translation service, keeping in view the linguistic requirements of our clients for running their day to day   business / services. Native terminologies of a particular language are used, while translating the text, giving the language its dialectic fervour.

                  Typesetting - Layout of the document is given due attention, particularly when ethnic languages are involved, where the text, after translation, increases in majority of the cases, take care of the minute details. Every effort is made to provide exact typesetting and layout in accordance with the client's requirements.

                    Interpreting - Interpreting work of every kind  is undertaken; whether it is a legal, medical or a general matter.  We strive to eradicate communication gap through our experienced interpreters, who work one-to-one with the clients.

                    Transcription - This service requires a specialised expertise, as the work itself involves greater complexity sometimes, and which is overcome by our translators who get the audio or video written down, giving a clear picture to our clients.

                    Voice-over - Voice-over work is yet another field which requires highly professional and skilled professional translators, who have technical expertise, specialisation and experience in this field, which is indeed provided by our expert translators.

                    Desktop Publishing - Where you want to present a document in the form of a leaflet, brochure, or any other advertisement material, we take care of client's requirements and give due consideration while designing the ads, where graphics are carefully handled, so that the final product is attractive and competitive.

                   Advertising - It is essential to advertise a product or service related to any business. We provide advertisement in ethnic languages to further any business of any kind. For details please contact.