Terms and Conditions

Modways Translations
-  Modways Translations means ‘Translation & Interpreting’ company (which is member of the Association of Translation Companies
in U.K., located at: 46 London Road, Langley, SL3 7HH - Berkshire, U.K.).
Services provided will be all linguistic services e.g. translation, interpreting, transcription, typesetting, voice-over and any other 
service provided by the company in its capacity as a translation company.
Client means the party instructing the company to provide relevant service/services.

Translation Services:
-The Company will quote translation fee based upon 1000 words of the source text.
- Minimum charge is made for any text below 450 words.
- An additional charge of 12% to 20% is made for any urgent work (within 24 hours) depending upon the number of words.
- Extra charges will be made for the text which is complex and highly technical in nature.
- An additional charge for certification of accuracy will be made.
- Apart from translation, extra fees will be quoted for notarisation of any translated document by the company.
- Any queries or questions regarding the completed translated work shall be raised by the client within five working days of receiving the translation, after which the translation will be deemed to have been accepted by the client, and any queries, questions, modifications, amendments, re-structuring etc will bear an additional charge on the basis of the word count

Interpreting Services:  
- Interpreting services will be charged at flat rates of half day and full day, plus travel time of £12 per hour, subject to maximum of two hours if interpretation assignment is local; fees includes waiting and attendance.
- Additional fees of £25 will be charged if the actual assignment time exceeds the booking time for which the interpreter was booked.
- Interpreting assignments for non-working days, Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and other holidays will incur extra cost of 28%.
- The Company will charge client the travel expenses on public transport on the basis of the receipts produced. If the interpreters attend assignments by their own vehicles then mileage rate of 50 pence per mile will be charged from the client.

Payments Terms
- Payment terms are 30 days from the date of the invoice issued to the client/clients.
- Any query regarding the invoice shall be raised by the client within five working days, after which the invoice will be deemed to have been accepted by the client and entitled to payment withing stipulated period of time.
- Late payment charges of £20 will apply per complete month.

- There will be no cancellation charges if the client cancels translation before start of the work.
- Cancellation charges will be made to the client upto the finished number of words, in case the client cancels the translation job in the middle of the translation being done.

- Interpreting assignments needs 24 to 36 hours notice in advance.
- Company will charge for full day if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours notice.
- All cancellation notices will be given in writing by the client via post, e-mail or fax.
- The company will endeavour to ensure that it provides professionally qualified services of its translators and interpreters.
- Company will provide translation in Word and pdf formats and there will be extra cost for any art-work such as special layouts, typesetting etc. All translation work will be sent to the client via post, e-mail or fax as requisitioned by the client

- Company will ensure that the confidentiality of all documents is maintained. No information will be shared with the third party without clients’ consent.

- Although every effort will be made by the Company to ensure to provide an efficient, professional and accurate translation to the Client, yet the company will not be responsible for any dispute arising between the Client and the Third Party for whatever reason/s thereof.